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Unfortunately, ReclaiMe software may not help in all cases of data loss. Sometimes, we deal with physical damage to disks where software is powerless.

In such cases, we advise customers to contact a reliable data recovery service. Over the years, we have had experience working with various services and would like to share with you the contacts of those services that we trust.

Partners in USA


Since 2003, SalvageData combines quality customer service, professional expertise, and certified secure data recovery equipment to recover personal and business data with over 96.7% success rate.

SalvageData is a critical data recovery service lab specializing in the salvaging of data/ files for individuals & businesses from hard disk drives, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, USB flash and other electronic data storage devices that have failed, stopped working.

  • Certified experts
  • No data, no charge
  • Free diagnostic
  • Fast recovery

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Visit the SalvageData site

Partners in EU


Rusolut is a leading European vendor of special equipment and software for digital forensics and data recovery from flash memory. The area of company's expertise includes research and data recovery from most types of storage devices and RAID arrays.

Contact information

Polczynska 10, Warsaw, Poland, 01-378

Digirec Data Recovery

Trusted data recovery service in the Netherlands founded by Peter van der Schee. Digirec mainly focuses on Data Recovery and digital investigations. Digirec is a man in the middle….in between computershops and cleanroom labs, where they fills the gab between “to little knowledge” and “expensive cleanroom recovery’s”, while drives can always be investigated by partner Data Recovery Labs if necessary. This way Peter make data-recovery more accessible to a wider group of people.

Contact information

7602 KL Almelo Business Park Twente 305