ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery toolbar buttons

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery toolbar


When you click this button, the window with three columns, Device name, Capacity, and Serial number, is displayed.

For the physical disks in the Device name column, "Disk N" will be displayed, where N is the disk number as listed in Disk Management, along with the disk model name. The Serial number contains a serial number for each physical disk connected to the computer.

For the devices connected via USB, in the Capacity column near the size value, "[USB]" will be displayed. In most cases, no serial number is available.

For the disk image files the full disk image file name is displayed in the Device name column. The Serial number column is blank.

Open disk image

Allows you to open the previously created disk image file of the RAID member disk.

Create disk image

Allows you to create the disk image file of the member disk and save it to the specified location.

Start RAID 5

You need to select a minimum of two member disks to enable the button. Although RAID 5 requires a minimum of three disks, ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery software is capable of recovering the parameters for RAID 5 with one missing member disk, based on the array redundancy.

Note that once the RAID recovery process is started, only Stop and Help buttons are active. Keep in mind that clicking the Stop button returns to the disk list, and all the results are discarded.

Other RAIDs

Click this button if you want to recover RAID10, RAID5E or RAID6. You need to select at least two disks for RAID5E recovery, and three disks for RAID10 and RAID6 recovery.


When you launch the software, the button is disabled. It becomes available only when recovery of the array parameters is started. Clicking the button results in the software returns to the disk selection tab, but not to the results.

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