Brief history and photo gallery

Elena Y. Pakhomova, Development and Marketing Elena Y. Pakhomova, Development and Marketing

One of the founders of ReclaiMe software development team, she started working in data recovery field even before completing her master degree. Elena is a certified translator and she sometimes contributes to various online technology outlets in addition to her professional life.

She enjoys skiing, skating, music and movies, and spending time with her family.

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Julia Y. Pakhomova, Chief Developer Julia Y. Pakhomova, Chief Developer

Holding a M.Sc. of Moscow State University, she started working in mathematical modeling circa year 2000, and then decided to apply her vast mathematical background to data recovery applications.

Julia dedicates most of her free time to her two sons.

Our products

  • Free RAID Recovery, a freeware to recover RAID configuration parameters. As of 2012, it covers the widest possible range of RAID levels, compared to other similar software. You can check out this comparison if you want an example. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is the first ever automatic tool to support delayed parity in RAID 5 arrays.
  • ReclaiMe multipurpose data recovery software. Built with simplicity in mind, ReclaiMe recovers data from most filesystems one can encounter in day-to-day use.
  • ReclaiMe Pro, highly configurable data recovery software for many tasks designed for data recovery experts.
  • BenchMe, a free tool to benchmark various data storage devices. With BenchMe, you can get an overview of most significant performance characteristics of a storage system at a glance. Benchme produces conveniently arranged read speed chart, access time chart, and IOPS values.
  • Lowvel, a freeware to erase data irreversibly from a storage device. One's ultimate zero filling software. Just point to a drive, click, and all the data goes poof, not recoverable even by our own data recovery software.
  • Cropel S.M.A.R.T. monitoring software which provides a forewarning of a possible hard drive failure. Cropel allows you time to back up the latest version of data and replace the hard drive. Additionally, it displays how well your hard drive performs among the pack of the hard drives of the same make and model.

ReclaiMe File Recovery awards, reviews, and testimonials

Since 2009 we have already got many awards and reviews from our clients who were able to successfully recover data using our software. You can look through our awards, testimonials, interviews, and reviews on this page.